Teaote Burabura Davies is 16th generation I-Kiribati citizen and has seen first hand the inundation of the ocean upon the shores of Kiribati. Teaote owns a block of land on the island of Tarawa and has spent the last 15 years building and rebuilding the wall that stops the ocean from flooding her land and house. The sea water has destroyed local houses, cars and the road that leads to her house.


To this day Teaote works tirelessly on the wall, particularly to prepare it for the king tides.  Although this is incredibly labour intensive, Teaote does this all with the usual cheery disposition that Kiribati people are known for.



Marita Davies is Teaote’s second daughter, and whilst having been brought up in Australia, has worked hard for the past six years to share the stories and issues of Kiribati.  Proud of her Kiribati heritage, Marita understands that her Australian upbringing has placed her in a privileged position, especially now that the whole country of Kiribati is under environmental threat. Teaote and the Wall was created after Marita has watched her mother work relentlessly on the wall to protect the family house.


Why Marita wants to help:

Unlike twenty years ago, walls now surround all ocean-facing houses in Kiribati, in hope they stop the water flooding into their homes.  However, the ocean inundates the land ferociously, attacking the walls repeatedly.  With climate change still being debated around the world and many major countries not committing to significant changes in their global emissions, Marita feels the need to share the stories of Kiribati in hopes it can strengthen the country’s voice. Time is of the essence for Kiribati and the future leaders of the world need to know about Kiribati.


Teaote and the Wall is a book about hope, determination and the people that need a global solution. Our future leaders are your children.


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About Teaote and the Wall

Meet the team behind Teaote and the Wall:



     Marita Davies - The Author


Both a Kiribati and Australian citizen, Marita Davies has been writing and sharing the climate change issues that face Kiribati for the past six years.


A Melbourne-based writer and producer, Marita is continuously searching for new  avenues to explore and share Pacific Island issues.


A lover of all art forms and a believer in their influence, Marita has

shared the stories of Kiribati through film, photography, writing, art

and performance.


This is Marita’s first childrens book.





     Stacey Bennett - The Illustrator


Stacey Bennett is a Melbourne-based illustrator who loves lions,

beaches and the smell of roasting coffee. She’s also got a flair for

illustration and has worked on exciting projects based in Australia and around the world.


With mutliple awards under her belt, Stace has been recognised for her original, heartfelt designs – many of which explore life’s rollercoaster of joys, sorrows and mayhems. Based in her quirky Melbourne office, Stace creates beautiful pictures for publishing houses and self-publishing authors alike.





      Tara McKenzie - Background Colourist


Tara McKenzie, the background colourist of Teaote and the Wall, is an Australian, Melbourne raised illustrator of digital and mixed media art. She is inspired by family, furry animals, history, travel and various aspects of cultures from around the world.






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